Geographical situation :

Longitude : 06°08 East Latitude : 49°05 North Altitude : 189.75 m

Number of inhabitants : Metz : 127 498 Metz and urban area : 322 526 Capital of the Lorraine region, Prefecture of the Moselle department Distance between Metz and : Paris : 333 km Luxembourg : 60 km Germany : 60 km Belgium : 80 km


Metz is one of the greatest musical centres in Europe. The « Orchestre National de Lorraine » is based here and performs in that exceptional venue, the concert hall Arsenal, which welcomes prestigious guest performers .

From Medieval Metz to Metz the French city Afterwards, between the 12th and 14th centuries, Metz, a free city in the Germanic empire, forged a reputation for itself as an unavoidable crossing and trading point. Still, it was not until the 17th century that Metz, which had become French in the meantime, discovered classical art and built the edifices which, in the centre of their majestic squares, confer on it both balance and brilliance : the Place dArmes, the Theatre, the Palais de Justice.

The Opera-Theatre, which has retained a ballet and a chorus, is not to be outdone, it has also initiated a lyrical and choreographic season specially intended for children.This musical vitality also finds expression in numerous choirs and bands, not forgetting the long tradition of the Gregorian chant, born in Metz in the time of Charlemagne.:


European by nature, Metz, which was the birthplace of Robert SCHUMAN, one of the Founding Fathers of Europe, has worked with its partners to set up various new modes of co-operation in the economic, academic and cultural fields. Involved in cross-border co-operation on a daily basis for professional reasons over 50,000 people in Lorraine, most of them in Moselle, travel to work in Luxembourg and Germany every day the people of Metz are taking an active part in the construction of the « Euro-Region ».

Night walk in METZ

This walk took place during the night walk in Metz on 2003 December Saturday 6th


There was at the same time a annual event to collect some money to help searchers to find medecine for the rare diseases (those who hit only some hundred of people). The name of this event is ‘ Le telethon ‘. It lasts 36 hours throught all the France and this year they have collected about 100 millions € for that cause. People had to buy some strings to built a structure made with wood and strings (see the photo)