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The Falls at Niagara are about 12,000 years old, but the story of their formation can be traced back hundreds of millions of years into the past.



  Canadian Warolane Heritage Museum – April 2004

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is a living museum featuring the aircraft used by Canadians or Canada’s Military from the beginning of World War II up to the present. The Museum’s collection includes aircraft that really fly and several that remain on static display and are interactive workshops.


 There are interactive flight combat simulators which will surely test the flight skills of any aspiring aviator. The Museum also offers the visitor an educational experience that will take them back through Canadian history.

The CWHM is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to acquire, document, preserve and maintain a complete collection of aircraft that were flown by Canadians and the Canadian military services from the beginning of World War II to the present. Our role is to preserve the artifacts, books, periodicals and manuals relating to this mandate